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mags_sitting_smallFulfill your potential, beat exam nerves and overcome anxiety… Our proven HeadRest Technique helps you do your best in any exam situation: be it¬†Academic (Junior, Leaving Certificates & Third Level Colleges), Professional (Accountancy, Insurance, Legal, etc), Music or Sports related. We customise our approach to suit your needs for maximum benefit.
I have personally helped lots of students succeed in their exams…some were strong students looking to get a specific result while others were under performing and wanted to improve. I can help you improve your grades and succeed.

Book your one-to-one session with Mags now! Call us at 087 2402 599 to arrange your appointment.


Exam Anxiety

Combat exam anxiety and become exam ready with our Exam Buster audio cd. This highly acclaimed process has helped lots of exam students succeed. If you get anxious about exams this is for you.
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Happy Kids

Build confidence and self esteem in your children. Help them become emotionally strong with our Happy Kids Series of audio CDs. This series is popular with primary school teachers.
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Lifestyle Stress

Workplace stress, fear of flying, pregnancy anxiety. We all experience stress and anxiety. Whatever your particular lifestyle stress we have developed a range of guided relaxations tools to combat it.
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We offer one to one consultations with Mags Corbett our founder and principle consultant. Mags has worked with many people over the years from industry leaders to secondary school students.
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We provide a full range of : relaxation audio CDs for kids, families, busy workers, adults, teens and students; customised workshops, one to one consultations, online information and online tools.