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About Us

Learn how to relax, find balance a­nd peace of mind, cope with daily stresses and generally feel at ease with life! This is the site for you!

We provide a full range of : relaxation audio CDs for kids, families, busy workers, adults, teens and students; customised workshops, one to one consultations, online information and online tools.
ichievement is dedicated to developing and providing innovative relaxation and stress management results. We achieve this by combining multiple disciplines to provide holistic and long term, measurable results over a sustained period of time.

ichievement was borne from Adept Learning & Training Ltd to meet a market led demand for accessible and effective stress management solutions. With a focus on practical, effective, tools, techniques and products, ichievement combines relaxation with the practicalities of modern life in all of the product series and services. Coaching services & customised workshops are available as part of our initiatives.

Adept Learning & Training Ltd has been actively developing customised learning workshops since 1997 for business leaders.

ichievement, Breakthrough4 and Happy Kids are trading names of Adept Learning and Training Limited registered in Ireland number 337718.